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Impact rated

DMF only uses premium components and tests every LED module to ensure build quality. This allows them to provide a 50,000 hour, five year limited warranty on all their LED modules. But what about external forces?

 Put to the Test

5kg weight

400 mm

The DRD2M LED module utilizes a reinforced polycarbonate lens to protect against external impacts. It was tested to withstand the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) most rigorous impact test, a 5kg mass being dropped onto the enclosure five times from a distance of 400mm. In the end, the DRD2M earned the IEC’s highest impact rating, IK10. This rating assures the DRD2M will withstand all but the most serious attempts to disable it.

And then Some

After acing the IEC’s impact rating test, DMF was curious just how much force the DRD2M could withstand. So they did their own impact testing at the DMF office where they dropped a shot put, used a bat and even ran the LED module over with a car.


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Alva Goes Bowling

ALVA CEO Sean McMurray is dropping regulation size bowling balls on real ALVA LED wall sconces to test how tough ALVA LED wall sconces really are. The ALVA lights all survived without a scratch but the competition?  Watch the video to see ALVA smash the competition.


ALVA is proud to offer an attractive, well-designed line of LED light fixtures that outperform fluorescent and incandescent lamped lights in every aspect, providing maintenance-free, highly energy-efficient lighting.


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Tech Lighting | New Element Reflections Video

Since their award-winning Lightfair 2017 introduction, ELEMENT Reflections decorative recessed downlights have enjoyed continued excitement and growth in the commercial and residential marketplace. The new Reflections video creates a visualization of the product’s unique ability to add dimensionality to recessed downlighting. Reflections has no equal when considering design, performance, and price.

ELEMENT Reflections redefines recessed lighting at a fundamental level allowing LED downlights to become an essential architectural room component as well as a decorative design element. Carefully crafted ELEMENT Reflections domes — available in five distinct designs with 5″ (684 lms), 8″ (943 lms) and 12″ (1989 lms) apertures — are recessed into the ceiling and act as reflectors to a completely hidden ring of upward-firing LEDs that deliver reduced-glare illumination.

Watch the new 1:51 min Reflections video to see “the ins and outs” of this award-winning product.

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