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Ec(h)o friendly

You can finally forget about those unaesthetic acoustic ceilings. Here is Pyrymyd, an advanced all-in one product, able to create various scenarios and personalized micro ambiances. Therefore, it is a perfect pick for offices and large open spaces.

3D eco-friendly acoustic panels are made from 100 % recyclable fibre, in order to guarantee an echo-friendly acoustic performance. And above all things, it provides efficient homogeneous light distribution.

No noise. No glare.
No pollution

It’s a luminaire. It’s a ceiling.
It improves the acoustics.

Acoustic ceiling with light or vice-versa? No matter how you define it, it solves three problems at once: improves the acoustics, offers high quality illumination with absolutely no glare and replaces the ceiling.

A revolutionary innovation

A revolutionary innovation

It represents a revolution in the construction sector, precisely in the field of lighting ceilings. A secondary ceiling is no longer needed, Pyrymyd acts as a ceiling itself, as an acoustic absorber and light at the same time. It is easy to install while replacing the plasterwork.

Exenia by Lumenpulse

Ciao, amante della luce!

Come and embrace the newest addition to our lighting solutions family: Exenia. Proudly brought to North America by Lumenpulse, Exenia’s exquisite Italian design promises to elevate both the look and functionality of your projects with its innovative technology.

Where Exquisite Design Meets Technical Precision

Minimalist and miniaturized with maximum quality, low glare, and excellent efficacy, Exenia pendants, track, and recessed luminaires add signature style, class, and performance to all your indoor applications.

Italian Design

Exenia’s design hub in Florence, Italy reflects the city’s vibrant history as a center of global artistic, cultural, and commercial innovation. The company embodies dedicated craftsmanship, multi-generational learning, and a passion for style and ingenuity.

The Look

Exenia truly shines in its mastery of paint and finish techniques, evident in every luminaire it produces. From the striking boldness of glossy finishes to the refined sophistication of matte options, each piece exudes its own unique charm. Textured finishes introduce depth and flair, with the Corten finish particularly noteworthy for its controlled oxidized rust appearance. Embrace the distinct character of each Corten finish, as its unique patina ensures that every application stands out with its own individuality.


The REVO family are highly flexible lighting solutions that meet important goals for energy performance, visual comfort, and sustainability.


Playful yet powerful, WILLY Pendants are inherently decorative. Exenia’s command of paints, textures, and finishes makes WILLY pendants especially striking. The vast choice of colored finishes make them highly applicable to any color scheme or type of space for work or leisure.


DARK manages to combine tiny form factors with giant performance, made possible through optical precision and advanced thermal management.

Continuing Education

Flexible Scheduling

When it comes to continuing education, flexibility is key. We understand the demands of your professional life, which is why we offer CEU classes that can be scheduled at your convenience. Whether you’re a busy architect with a packed project schedule or an engineer juggling multiple deadlines, our flexible scheduling ensures you can fulfill your educational requirements without disrupting your workflow. Simply contact us, and we’ll work with you to find a time that fits your schedule.

Expert-Led Sessions

Our CEU classes are not just about earning credits; they’re about gaining valuable insights from the best in the industry. Each class is led by subject matter experts who bring years of experience and expertise to the table. Additionally, we partner with leading manufacturers to provide practical knowledge and real-world solutions. By learning from the best, you can stay ahead of the curve and enhance your professional skills.

Recognized Credits

Our Butterfly model offers low-glare lighting without pixels or shadows, achieved by cWe understand that different professionals have different accreditation requirements. That’s why our classes offer credits recognized by a wide range of accrediting bodies, including AIA LU, HSW, IDCEC, NCQLP, IIDA, ASID, ASLA, and GBCI. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, interior designer, or lighting designer, you can rest assured that our classes will help you meet your continuing education goals.

Explore and Filter

Visit our website to explore our diverse range of CEU classes. Our classes cover many topics, including Acoustics, Biophilic Design, Design Theory, Education, Energy Code, Security, and many others. Whether you’re interested in delving into the latest trends in sustainable design or mastering the principles of sound control, we have a class for you. Use our convenient filtering options to find classes that align with your interests and professional goals.

By offering CEU classes that are convenient, insightful, and accredited by leading organizations, we’re committed to helping you advance your career and stay at the forefront of your industry. Reach out to us today to schedule your next CEU class and take the next step toward professional excellence

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