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We have launched our new and improved Education and Training Section with CEU Classes and Training Opportunities, consolidating all the latest class offerings and informational webinars in one easy and concise location.

From this area, you will be able to choose and book Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for already accredited classes as well as Manufacturer Webinar Section for quicker and more frequent updates by our esteemed Manufacturers.


CEU opportunities for the latest in architectural lighting. We have all the offerings from our manufacturers’ many accredited classes including AIA, NCQLP, GBCI, HSW, & SD. View class descriptions and specific credits in each class tile.

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The webinars will have the latest in product releases as well as other topics, such as new developments in #Acoustic Fixtures and new #UV #Lighting #Technology.

Choose a date and time that is open for your schedule and simply register to receive your credentials. Narrow down the topics of discussion by selecting the relevant tags to get to the subject matter you desire!

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We offer sign up options for multiple people, allowing for whole office participation. Reach out to us and your salesperson will work with you to coordinate the particulars! We will work with you to accommodate the demands of your office, via meeting platforms (Zoom, GoToMeetings, MS Teams) and even refreshments for the team. We want to be sure you have the most efficient and comprehensive training the market has to offer.


We are here to serve you! Don’t see what you want or when you want it? Contact us to request a topic, date, and/or time and we’ll be in contact to coordinate. CEU Classes and Training Opportunities

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Announcing the Representation of Vital Vio

ALA is pleased to announce a new partnership with the representation of Vital Vio in the North Texas market.

Vital VIo is the leader in anti-microbial lighting solutions. Inspired by real-world challenges.

Colleen Costello was a junior in college when her grandmother was admitted to a hospital after a mild accident. What was expected to be a routine single night stay turned into more than a week when Costello’s grandmother was diagnosed with an MRSA infection. After some research, it became apparent to Costello that this wasn’t an isolated incident. One in 25 patients contract a healthcare-related bacterial infection in hospitals. While still in college Costello and her team began researching smarter ways to manage bacteria levels. This led to growing a talented team and subsequently the development of Vital Vio’s patented white-light solution.

Today, Vital Vio is focused on making our products available to any facility that is interested in protection against bacteria, fungi, yeast, and mold.


Vital Vio’s lighting is very different from ultraviolet (UV) light that attacks the DNA structure of a microbe and is very dangerous for human exposure.

Vital Vio’s patented antimicrobial light technology delivers a precise spectrum of visible light (400nm – 420nm) that initiates a photo-activation of porphyrin molecules found exclusively inside microbes (not humans, pets or plants). This photo-activation leads to the production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). In high doses, ROS cause irreparable damage to the cellular structure, which leads to bacterial cell death. For more information, visit more in-depth resources here: The Science Behind Vital Vio.

Where to Find Vital Vio Light Technology

Vital Vio reaches across many market segment to bolster anti-microbial solutions.

Vital Vio can be utilized across many program types and has the ability to work during high traffic times as well as off-hours. With several real-world studies and peer-reviewed white papers, Vital Vio has proven technology in combatting bacterial growth. All of these resources can be made available upon request.

Timelapse Video on the Effectiveness of the Vital Vio Product


Contact us for more information on this revolutionary solution to a more prevalent problem.

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