Selux | Exterior Lighting Update

Selux exterior columns/bollards are designed to be flexible and focused on quality. Our most recent LED update supports this with a new standard in color quality – now 90CRI minimum. The update to 90CRI was also rolled into our Modular Columns family which allows you to integrate added components/lighting accessories. Exterior lighting that meets the highest standards of quality, flexibility, and aesthetics provides results that cannot be substituted.

1B light engine update for exterior columns and bollards

MTR and Corral Columns and Bollards from Selux have been updated to contain the 1B light engine. This update reduces power consumption and increases the color quality – both critical in today’s lighting requirements.

90CRI minimum

The standard Color Rendering Index (CRI) in these products has increased from 80 to 90 minimum. High CRI has advantages in particular applications such as near building facades, outdoor canopies, outdoor retail areas, and car dealerships. College campuses where color accuracy of school colors and banners are important also benefit. Where security is an issue, color accuracy can support better identification during incident reporting. The improved quality contributes to a more comfortable and safer environment.

Component Integration

Did you know Selux columns accept component integration as part of our Modular Columns system? If a specific camera, speaker, sensor, or control is required, Selux can seamlessly integrate these components while maintaining the architectural appeal of the product. In addition to columns and bollards, Selux provides custom integrated components with our pole mounted products as well. Items like car charging stations are a great example of combining functions for a cleaner looking site and ultimate convenience. Selux has over 20 years of experience building customized integrated lighting systems, so we welcome your inquiries. Contact your Regional Manager for information on how we can incorporate your ideas and develop your vision for a unique lighting design.


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