Lumenpulse | The Lumenquad is Versatility Squared

You’ve got a project where everyday versatility just won’t do? You need a luminaire that is elegant, yet resilient — a luminaire that goes above and beyond. Well-rounded, but squared, the new Lumenpulse Lumenquad is here to answer your design needs, to push both light and lighting further, and to inspire your projects with its performance. Discover all that the Lumenquad can do for you.

Elegant durability

The sleek and elegant Lumenquad, with its 3-inch profile and no visible wiring or hardware, is one of the toughest luminaires on the market. With an IP66 rating and IK10 shatter-resistant glass, the Lumenquad can take what’s out there, all while seamlessly melding with any architecture.

Light your every thought

Lumenquad luminaires can be mounted wherever your design desires. Different architectures and areas have different requirements, we’ve designed our mounting options so that you can rest assured, light will be directed where you planned. Lumenquad’s optics let you create a consistent design aesthetic across an entire project, including distributions for roadways and paths. Take a look.

No matter what the application or project, our latest technological innovations have been designed to maximize the Lumenquad’s performance. We’ve prioritized intensity to ensure crisp and accurate, punchy beams when a narrow spotlight or accenting is required. When a true asymmetric wallwash is called for, we have a uniform beam distribution that’s just the thing.

Integrated accessory design

Every accessory has been designed to fit as if it were there all along, preserving the Lumenquad’s elegant aesthetic while ensuring your design becomes a reality. You can interpose and overlay the accessories, even once on-site, for the ultimate personalized recipe.

Ahead of the curve

Just when you thought you had seen everything, a new, sleek luminaire comes along. For every design there is an optic, for every architecture, a mounting option. For every installation, a control. For every ambiance, a color temperature. For every height, an output. For every design there is a Lumenquad.

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