Lumenpulse | Introducing the Lumenbeam Inground

Bury the past, the ingrounds of the future are here.
Ingrounds once gave lighting designers pause. Not anymore. Lumenpulse has ushered the inground in the future. Reliable. Impenetrable. Ready for anything. Anywhere.

Built to Last

A factory sealed IP68-rated optical chamber and Power and Control Box, structural blockout and IK10-rated lens together delivering a 5000 kg drive-over rating with IEC60598-13 compliance, ever-lasting plug-and-play connectors, as well as an optional harsh environment brass housing means that failure is the only unavailable option.

Astounding Optics

Delivering up to 83,330 cd with only 30 W (VN, 6°), our Lumenbeam Inground Large delivers enough light to put 1 fc at 288 ft, enough to light the top of the Flatiron building in New York.

Install Simplicity

Our quick-connect, IP68-rated system makes miswiring and water infiltration a thing of the past, allowing installers to spend more time on the things that matter and less money on the things that don’t.

Ample Adjustability

Onsite 15° tilt adjustment and 360° rotation without having to access the interior of the optical chamber, or remove the fixture from the blockout, means the electronic components of the Lumenbeam Inground are never subject to the elements.

Future Friendly

With one eye on the past and another on the future, the Lumenbeam Inground has been built to last thanks to its optimal heat management system and optional brass housing resistant to harsh environments while its modular construction allows components to be changed without changing the whole. This kind of flexibility is the future.

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