Louis Poulsen | Three New Post Tops for Urban Spaces

Every space in its right light

At Louis Poulsen, we believe that comfort, aesthetics, and ambiance are the most important factors to consider when selecting and planning the right lighting – especially in areas where people pass through and reside.

Over the years, we have created numerous outdoor lighting solutions. We are now proud to present our latest three park lights.

LP Capsule, designed in collaboration with Henning Larsen. The Dark Sky friendly LP Nyx 330 designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and finally, LP Park developed together with AART Designers.

All designed to illuminates the area under the fixture creating a pleasant urban atmosphere.

Read more about our thoughts on “Versatile Spaces” and see in which types of city environments we recommend placing our new post tops.


louis-poulsen lighting

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