Louis Poulsen | Decorative Lighting in Office Buildings

PH Artichoke as a Welcoming Element

As any design professional knows, decorative lighting serves a far greater purpose than decoration. When done well, it can energize, soothe, welcome, and connect. It can communicate the personality of an organization, supporting its image and culture. It is, in short, an essential component of interior design that aims to create the perfect setting for the things people hope to feel and achieve.
Since Poul Henningsen designed the legendary PH Artichoke in 1958, the pendant has made itself at home all over the world, taking on new expressions with every new finish.
Poul Henningsen originally designed this decorative lighting icon for a restaurant in Copenhagen. The sculptural form quickly drew attention – both for its unique, organic construction and for its ability to infuse instant ambiance. Keeping the source of light hidden within its layers of leaves, the PH Artichoke creates soft, glare-free illumination.
In the high-rise Atlantic Haus office building in Hamburg, Germany, the PH Artichoke is used as a welcoming element, creating an atmosphere in the building’s reception area.


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