Lindsley Lighting | New Brushed Gold Anodized Finish on Reed & Tule Pendants

Gold Anodized Tule & Reed pendants

Elegance and drama in a broad range of cylindrical lighting options
They were already extraordinarily adaptive families of modern light fixtures. Now they can be cutting-edge chic, or retro, depending on the designer’s vision.

The lovely slim Reed Pendant with Brushed Gold anodized finish [BRGL]

Mix & Match Fixtures, Beam Widths, Lengths & More
Tule Pendants deliver downlight or up/down light in a range of beam widths from the slim new 25° width to 60° for larger area coverage and 40° width to 60° for Reed Pendants.

Reed Pendant Sizes
10″, 15″, 24″, and 32″ lengths; Custom heights from 6.5″ to 72″

Tule Pendant Sizes
12″, 20″, and 32″ lengths; Custom heights from 7″ to 60″

Performance Options
1300 to 4000 lumens
2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
80+ or 98 CRI

Click here to see Reed Spec Sheets

Click here to see Tule Spec Sheets

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