Lightglass | Transforming Windowless Spaces

Creating comfort in spaces lacking daylight requires a unique understanding of the interaction between light, architectural materials, and human anatomy.

Lightglass uses this knowledge to design and optimize window-lights that deliver a customizable and immersive circadian lighting experience to light deprived environments.

Who We Are
We are a Philadelphia-based company founded in 2012 when LED lighting was just beginning to gain traction. Since then, we’ve grown to supply high-quality, solid-state light sources across North America to numerous architectural luminaire companies. Although we constantly push lighting technologies to broaden our product range, our vision continuously focuses on clever lighting approaches meant to transform billions of square feet of poorly illuminated and often neglected spaces found everywhere.

Our Mission
Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives by bringing the natural lighting experience to light-deprived spaces.

Light Glass Team
The Lightglass Team in Philadelphia.


With hundreds of size and finish variations, color tuning and dimming, and an integral driver, the sky’s the limit. At 3.5 inches deep, it can be easily recessed into a wall or ceiling, surface mounted, or arrayed into a custom modular design. With Lightglass, you have the power to transform architecture.

Solutions present themselves as Array, Portal, Clerestory, In Wall, & SkyGlass Solutions.
See our images below, or for more detailed and interactive “Before & After” experience, select here: Before & After Gallery.

Gallery Images
Lightglass Application Gallery

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