Acuity Brands | nLight AIR 2.0 is Here!

nLight AIR 2.0 is here!

nLight® AIR now has a full portfolio of control and network devices to help reduce the total install time with fewer devices, no new wiring, and simplified startup via the CLAIRITY™ Pro mobile app. nLight AIR 2.0 adds two more standalone devices and an adapter for simple networking and to connect an nLight AIR system to more advanced controls and functionality. Acuity is also updating CLAIRITY Pro and SensorView with new functionality.

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Key Features and Benefits

– 900 MHz wireless communication frequency easily penetrates typical obstructions found in commercial buildings like concrete
– Embedded sensors in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor luminaires simplify design and installation
– The CLAIRITY Pro mobile app simplifies startup and configuration without specialized tools or software
– The wireless adapter enables wired and wireless nLight devices to operate on one platform, utilize one suite of software applications, and connect to BACnet™ and cloud-based applications
– IP66 rated devices for indoor and outdoor use
– Five-tier security architecture delivers peace of mind for building owners and occupants

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