Louis Poulsen | Classic Hospitality with PH and AJ

When booking a hotel room or a table at a restaurant, guests expect to have a comfortable and relaxing experience. The hotel room is their home away from home and the table is their private space in a (sometimes hectic) public place.

Hospitality industries often add a touch of “home” with the interior design elements they choose. The result is creating a relaxing environment that makes guests feel comfortable in a space other than their own. One method of this design is using pops of color in a way that creates a friendly ambience. That is why we have selected 10 new and inviting colors for the AJ floor, wall, and table lamps.

The AJ, PH Artichoke, and PH 3½-3 are all examples of Louis Poulsen designs that add to the homey aesthetic of any room. Get inspiration for how you can create an experience to remember and an atmosphere that will have guests returning time and time again.


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