Illuminate your outdoor gathering spaces with Aura pendants. 

The Aura LED pendant luminaire is designed for suspension on catenary tension cables and ceiling mounting.  Aura is made to withstand outdoor, wet environments and indoor installations.

  • IP67 rated luminaire
  • Smooth, dot free illumination
  • Dimmable exterior IP65 rated remote transformer
  • Direct and direct/indirect illumination options
  • Catenary cable and ceiling mount suspension options

Aura is now available in linear, square and round shapes. Click the image below to see all the amazing options Aura by Structura has to offer!






Interprise Design and Androvett Legal Media and Marketing partnered in creating an innovative office design as they relocate to their new office space in Uptown Dallas.
ALA Manufacturers represented in the new office space include:
  • Pathway Lighting | Coventry Architectural Series LED downlights (flanged & flangeless LED static and adjustable downlights)
  • Gotham | EVO LED Cylinders
  • Beta Calco | Squiggle Pendant (Direct / Indirect pendant)
  • Finelite | HP4R (flangeless 4' linear recessed fixtures)
  • Q-Tran | LED tape light (coves, millwork, and under cabinet)
  • Acuity | Controls and Sensors




Meteor Lighting is extremely excited to officially announce the launching of their highly anticipated “SOLAR BIKE RACK”! All the downloads (Spec sheet, IES data, and Installation Guide) related to the fixture are now available on their website.


Solar Bike Rack Features:

  • 3/8” Stainless Steel
  • Weather-proof Coating
  • Smart Motion Sensor
  • Illuminates FIVE Nights (with Full Charge)



Dallas Virtual Showroom Tour is Now Live



LBL has posted the 2017 version of their Virtual Showroom Tour online. Powered by the same technology as Google Street View, this interactive tool allows you to "walk through" their new Dallas Market Showroom.

Things you can do in the tour:
  • Zoom in and zoom out to get a better view of a product or collection
  • Look up at the ceiling
  • Rotate 360 degrees throughout the tour
  • As you get close to a product, click on the "Learn More" button, prompted by your cursor, to explore the product in more detail:
    • Romance copy
    • Key features
    • Direct link to the product page


Use this tour to:
  • Train team members who weren't able to attend "Lightovation" in Dallas
  • Get a sense of the true scale of products
  • Get merchandising ideas
  • Show end consumers how a product might look in their home

The tour is accessible from the link above or from our website home page, as well as from the top navigation under "Inspiration".




Ketra values the relationships we have with the lighting and design industry and work to make your preferences a priority in all aspects of product design and services. As a member of the lighting and design community our highest priority is to make the specification of Ketra in your projects easy.  We have improved the layout and content to better support specification of Ketra by adding resources, increased functionality and improved usability to get the information you need for our product offerings.


Take a look at some of the new features
  • IES files for lamps and luminaire products
  • Easy-to-find resources and product information
  • Download all resources for each product easily and all at once
  • Showcases lighting designers and architects in related projects and featured news
  • System page: Deep dive into the Ketra system
  • Mobile friendly
  • First look at new products
  • Extensive look at the new D3 downlight family that includes:
    • Sorter: Choose your aperture size,trim style, shape, function
    • Accessories
    • Technical resources
  • About page includes:
    • Who we are
    • What people are saying
    • In the news
    • Awards & alliances

Ketra continuously learns from you and we truly value your feedback. Look out for more products updates from Ketra.

Be sure to check out Ketra's Website to learn more!



90 years - 3 designers - 3 designs
For Louis Poulsen 2017 is in many ways a unique year. It is the year where we celebrate the 90th year anniversary of Poul Henningsen’s PH 3/2 Table Lamp, the 60th anniversary of Arne Jacobsen’s AJ lamp and the launch of the Above lamp.
To pay a tribute to the PH 3/2 Lamp and AJ Lamp new editions have been launched this spring.
Arne Jacobsen
Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) was one of Denmark’s most famous and acknowledged modernist architects and designers. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1927 and ventured into various design fields, such as light fixtures, furniture, cutlery, fabrics, and wallpaper patterns.
His break-through as a furniture designer came in 1952 with ‘The Ant’ for Fritz Hansen and was succeeded with ‘Series 7’ in 1955.
Together with the AJ Lamp, two of his most famous chairs, ‘The Egg’ and ‘The Swan’, were designed for his SAS Royal Hotel in 1957.
He was remarkably productive and created more than 300 works encompassing all genres of design.
Poul Henningsen
PH (1894-1967) was born in Copenhagen, son of the famous Danish authoress Agnes Henningsen. He studied six years at the technical schools in Copenhagen, but never completed a degree in architecture.
PH originally practised traditional architecture, in the functionalistic style that was beginning to prevail. Over the years he began to focus primarily on designing lamps and practising journalism with his radical opinions.
PH’s lifelong partnership with Louis Poulsen began back in 1924 with the Paris lamp, which won the first prize at the World Exhibition in Paris. The PH 3/2 Table Lamp was designed in 1927, and is still a part of the Louis Poulsen PH Lamp assortment.
Mads Odgård
Mads Odgård (b. 1960) is a well-established Danish designer. He graduated from the School of Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and Art Center Europe, Switzerland.
Since 1988, the Mads Odgård Design Studio has focused on product design with a mission to improve what already exists and most importantly to give the user spontaneous delight. More than anything, he believes that excellent design must be logical and functional if it is to endure. Odgård believes that design can be successful only when comfort, technology, ergonomics, ecology, economics and aesthetics are in balance.
Mads Odgård has previously designed professional lamps for Louis Poulsen such as the LP Icon and MO500. The Above Lamp is the first lamp Odgård have designed that both suit the professional and private market. The Above Lamp embodies Odgård’s mantra: How simple do you dare to design?



Perimeter System
JAKE LED Perimeter is a 3” deep regressed or flush lens style recessed linear luminaire comprised of various apertures, LED light sources and accessory options. Several T-grid styles for drop ceilings are available such as; Tegular, Exposed lay-in, Interlude® and Slot Grid.
JAKE LED 1.65”, 2.25”, 3.25” and 5.00” can also be installed in gypsum ceilings or walls with either a ¾” Trim (TR) or Trimless (TL) mud-over flange. JAKE LED Wall Graze is also available in a 4.00" profile, flush or 3" regress style for mounting in either Trim/Trimless or T-grid applications. 
JAKE LED Light Engines and dimmable driver components which combined together provide optimal LED lighting system capabilities.
Birchwood Lighting specification information: 
- Trim/Trimless 
- T-Grid
Wall Graze 
- Trim/Trimless
- T-Grid


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