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Brass Metallic & More

Brass Metallic, Silver and Antimicrobial White
powdercoat are now all available as standard finishes.

Now specify these paint colors plus Brushed Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, White, Black or any custom RAL color in just about any ALW luminaire.


RGB + White Now Available


RGB+White LED is now an available lamping option in just about every ALW product including linear, slot, rings and more.

RGB Plus White LEDs -- in combination with DMX drivers and a
compatible control system -- enable luminaires to emit a dizzying array of colors across the spectral palette including pastel tints not possible with RGB alone. What's more, RGBW delivers a true white output (4000K) for times when the luminaire is programmed to emit only white light.

See product spec sheets for specific availability. Control system(s) by others.



Every space in its right light
At Louis Poulsen, we believe that comfort, aesthetics, and ambiance are the most important factors to consider when selecting and planning the right lighting – especially in areas where people pass through and reside.

Over the years, we have created numerous outdoor lighting solutions. We are now proud to present our latest three park lights.

LP Capsule, designed in collaboration with Henning Larsen.
The Dark Sky friendly LP Nyx 330 designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and finally, LP Park developed together with AART Designers.

All designed to illuminates the area under the fixture creating a pleasant urban atmosphere.

Read more about our thoughts on “Versatile Spaces” and see in which types of city environments we recommend placing our new post tops.





Launched at Euroluce and long anticipated  - Saya F47 is now available to order! Designed by Gio Minelli and Marco Fossati, Saya was inspired by the tale of a journey midway between the East and West, where aesthetics and the memory of far-off cultures are combined with Venetian tradition of cage blown glass to form these timeless pendants.

Each element of the Saya pendant is hand crafted through expert techniques possible only by the greatest masters of their craft. Starting with 2 iron rings, our blacksmith forges numerous iron bars into a structural cage around the upper and lower bases.  This structure is clarified and cleaned, then a burnished, chrome or gold finish is applied by electroplating. This new precious metal fame is then polished and passed to the expert glass blower.

Saya F47 is offered in 3 pendant shapes, 2 glass colors and choice of 3 finishes. Saya pendants range in size from 12 to 19 inches. They are designed to be featured pieces in both residential and commercial applications; entryways, reception areas, hospitality, retail, will all benefit from Saya.

Key Specs:
  • Artisan crafted works with production quantities
  • White or smoked glass
  • Burnished, chrome or gold finish
  • Offered in 3 shapes
  • Medium based socket to accommodate filament style incandescent, halogen or LED light source
The artisan glass blower sets the structure and using the blowpipe with a free-form approach, blows a smoked or white glass into the structure to create nearly symmetrical gibbous protrusions between each line of the frame.
Offered in 3 shapes, 3 finishes and 2 glass colors.
F47 A09A - White Glass/Gold Finish
F47 A21A 00 - Clear Glass / Gold Finish
F47 A15A 00 - Clear Glass/Chrome Finish
F47 A15A 01 - White Glass/Chrome Finish
F47 A17A 01 - White Glass / Burnished Finish
F47 A17A 00 - Clear Glass / Burnished Finish





HP-2 and HP-4 are now available with soft-edge Asymmetric (ASY) indirect optical packages to enhance the effectiveness of your design. Tailored Lighting capabilities are available.

fnl3- fnl4



USAI is excited to announce the expansion of their NanoLED and BeveLED Cylinders product offering with a variety of new options.
Cylinder Family Overall Improvements
usai_1 Remote Drivers and Emergency Batteries Available Standard

In a format similar to Micro Remote, USAI has added remote power supplies and remote emergency battery options to all Cylinder spec sheets as a standard option.

Conduit Cutout Canopy Pendant Option for use with Surface-Mounted Junction Boxes

Similar to what USAI provides with the Block Pendant, they are now able to offer a conduit cutout canopy option to NanoLED Pendant (cable and rigid stem) and BeveLED Pendant (rigid stem only), providing a clean solution for projects with surface mounted junction boxes installed.

Conduit Silver Finish Option

All cylinders are available in USAI's new Conduit Silver (SC) painted finish. Similar in tone to metallized gray, but with a smoother surface texture.

BeveLED Cylinder Product Expansion
New 2” Cross Baffle Extension Option

USAI now offers a cross baffle accessory option to BeveLED Cylinders for low-brightness applications. The cross baffle adds 2” of length to the 10” long Cylinder and is available in all standard painted finishes.

Warm Glow Dimming DIML3 Upgrade

The Warm Glow Dimming has been upgraded with 20% more output and the ability to accept phase dimming control with a Lutron DIML3 driver.

10 Degree Light Engine Upgrade to C3

The dedicated Classic White 10 Degree LED light engine has been upgraded with C3 LEDs to produce 17% more output.

All-In-One Spec Sheets

Warm Glow Dimming, Color Select Tunable White, Classic White and 10 Degree Optics are all available on one spec sheet, helping to make options more visible and simplify specifications.

1% Dimming Standard

The default dimming driver has been upgraded to EldoLED 0-10V D6E for improved 1% dimming performance, instead of the previous standard of 10%.

NanoLED Cylinder Product Expansion

New 6” Length Option
USAI is now introducing a 6” overall length option to their standard NanoLED Cylinder 10” length option. Available for both surface mount and pendant, the 6” length provides a different aesthetic and a solution for lower ceilings. Optical performance is not impacted by this change. Please note: this 6” fixture length REQUIRES the use of remote power supplies.

2” and 3” Glow Glass Options
Now available: USAI's decorative Glow Glass in 2” and 3” lengths, available for surface mount and pendant. Glow Glass accessories match the recessed NanoLED Glow and impacts performance values as indicated on the specification sheet and IES files available online.

More USAI Dimming Driver Options
Due to their small size, NanoLED Cylinders have only been available with DIML2 or DIML19. Because USAI now offers remote power supplies standard, they can offer ALL of USAI’s dimming options with NanoLED Cylinders, including Lutron and EldoLED options.





Beta-Calco takes the RING family to the next level with the addition of the RING™ RGBW.


Available in 3 versions:

White LED Direct

White LED Direct/RGBW Indirect

RGBW Direct/White LED Indirect


Click the image below to learn more!


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The DRD5S has arrived
The thinnest in its class, the DRD5S delivers the pure, smooth light and elegant look of a high-end recessed downlight, but it's compact enough to fit in limited plenum space. Through a combination of technological advances and smart design, the DRD5S achieves the perfect balance of aesthetics, performance and value.
  • Edgeless design disappears into the ceiling
  • Clear uniform light, no dark spots
  • Thinnest in its class, extends just 0.6" from the ceiling plane
  • Snaps into place for easy install and maintenance
  • Proprietary driver with smooth dimming capability down to 5%

Click HERE to discover more about how DMF Lighting has redefined what's possible for a surface mount LED.




Pilke Pendant

This unique piece by Tuukka Halonen earned the GOOD DESIGN AWARD by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. The wood parts are assembled without the use of glue or screws. It is available in natural birch, white or black and in different sizes as a pendant, table or floor lamp.

uplight3 uplight4
Ristikko Pendant
RISTIKKO is a sculpture-like birch plywood light fixture, suitable for both contract and residential use.
Hiili Pendant
The HIILI foam pendant is a unique piece made of technical foam. Durable and perfect for high traffic areas.

Click here to view all collections



METEOR has launched its first RGB lighting fixture - Tetriss W+RGB.  It is an all new solution that controls both RGB and white light with just one system. Tetriss W+RGB is a 3, 6, 9 module fixture that features flexible configuration options with customizable color combinations, advanced bracket design, and various mounting options. Click the image below to watch the video for a quick preview of this exciting new product!




Introducing Oculus: Exterior Recessed Downlight

Luminis is pleased to announce the release of Oculus: A unique recessed downlight combining weather resistance, high output and directional adjustability, focused on enhancing exterior under canopy applications.

Feature summary:

  • 360° rotation for precise directional aiming of light
  • IP66 rated for performance in extreme weather conditions
  • Up to 6000 delivered lumens
  • Unique integral tilting mechanism which allows forward-back adjustability
  • Standard 4000K color temperature
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 5000K color temperature options
  • 80 CRI
  • Standard reflector optic: 20° (OC750), 29° (OC950)
  • 3 optional reflector optics: narrow, flood, and wide
  • Available in 6” and 8” aperture diameter to fit various applications
  • Optional linear spread lens for asymmetric distribution
  • Optional regressed light module
  • Lifetime beyond 130,000 hours
  • Standard 0-10V dimmable
  • Trim available in various colors
  • Standard 5-year warranty

Read more about Oculus here.






Claque collection, designed by Marc Sadler, is inspired by the world of theaters, where the light dramatizes and illuminates the stage by creating a sense of rhythm and suspense. Even the product name, Claque, recalls the French theaters and opera houses' jargon to indicate professional applauders. This complete series of downlights, ceiling lamps, adjustable ceiling lamps, pendants and recessed lights has been conceived to allow designers to customize the light effect through multiple lengths of cables and diffusers. The black and white structures convey the idea of cleanliness and elegance and will work in select residential and commercial applications.

Claque offers high performance direct LED illumination from its clean modern forms. The pendant and ceiling light are offered in three different heights - all with 4inch diameter cylinders. These are well suited for high-ceiling applications - reception areas, retail spaces, houses of worship, offices, hospitality. The adjustable ceiling light enables direct accent illumination. Well suited for use in galleries, hallways, reception areas - anywhere that precision directional light is required. The recessed downlights provide direct ambient illumination.

All models feature white painted aluminum cylinders with the black painted aluminum shroud to house the lamps. The shroud also acts as the heat sink. Claque uses CREE CX high performance Driver on Board chipset LEDs. These are high output fixtures that will provide the levels of illumination your projects require.
Key Specs:
  • 20W Remote Phosphor 3000K, 2000LM, 90+CRI CREE CX LED
  • 120V Driver on Board Chipset, TRIAC (LED/ELV) Dimmable
  • 34° beam spread
  • Offered in 4 types and multiple sizes
  • High-performance illumination from clean modern package
  • Speckled lens provides evenly diffused illumination
  • Aluminum structure with painted white and black finish
fabbian2 fabbian3
Click Here to Discover the Product!





Case Studies by Cooledge Lighting

Click any image below to learn more!

500_West_Monroe_Street Acne_Studios
Calvin_Klein_at_Macys Minotti_by_DDC






The DRD2M's combination of exceptional light and industry-leading value makes it DMF Lighting's most successful product. Now it's even more advanced, powered by the next generation Cree LED chip.


Advanced LED technology

DMF sources premium components and tests every LED to ensure build quality. The next generation Cree LED chip powers the DRD2M to the same 750 and 1000 lm outputs as before, but requires less energy. The decrease in driver output allows the new DRD2M7 to operate more efficiently at 10.8W, while the DRD2M10 lowers its power rating to 12.8W. Overall, the new LED chip delivers a 10% increase in efficiency. In addition to increased efficacy, the lower output also reduces heat, making the DRD2M even more reliable.




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Introducing Sole, the first LED illuminated mirror designed for high abuse environments where safety and damage-resistance are crucial. Winner of the Silver Nightingale Award in Lighting at this year's Healthcare Design Conference.


Testing and safety features include

  • Ligature resistant
  • Tamper resistant hardware
  • IP65 rated
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate mirror rated IK10+ for 100 joules (Equivalent to impact of 10kg (22lb)) mass dropped from 1000mm (3.3ft) above impacted surface)

Two models are currently available in the Sole family: the oval mirror, which is 24" wide and 34" high, and the rectangular mirror, which is 20" wide and 30" high. Both have a recessed depth of 3" and are available in 16 standard finishes.



While Sole was designed and tested with behavioral health facilities in mind, this mirror boasts a minimal, modern aesthetic and can perform in many other high abuse applications like schools, dormitories, and public restrooms.




Learn More About Sole Here!




New & Improved: Artima/3
3900 lumens from a 3.62" diameter: such an impressive feat is possible with the new Artima/3.  These popular accent lights, narrow spotlights, and wallwashers boast across-the-board improvements in lumens, wattages, efficacies, and CBCP.
But don't let these monumental specs fool you: Artima/3 is a modest fixture. Artima/3 blends into high ceilings, whether mounted on our track or an outlet box, the comprehensive Artima/3 family can now...
  • Illuminate with maximum efficacy from ceilings up to 20' high
  • Artima/3 O LH accent light achieves efficacy up to 79 lumens per watt.
  • Illuminate with maximum glare control from ceilings up to 20' high
  • Artima/3 O accent light includes a keyed cross-baffle that remains oriented with the lens during focusing.
  • Spotlight with up to 24,660 CBCP
  • Artima/3 NSP LH narrow spot features an open aperture for efficacy.
  • Artima/3 NSP narrow spot light includes a ring baffle to eliminate light spill.
  • Wallwash 15' walls with 21 average vertical footcandles.
  • Artima/3 W wallwasher delivers ceiling-to-floor illumination, without scallops.
  • All of these achievements are now possible from fewer watts. A 1500 lumen Artima/3 draws as little as 14 watts, making it a fantastic option for strict energy budgets.
Learn More About the New Artima/3 Here!





Peerless® Cerra® 10 LED - Taking a Classic to New Heights

A classic design with today’s technology, the Cerra 10 LED provides unsurpassed driver and controls options delivering high quality, visually comfortable illumination.


Watch Video Here

The Cerra 10 LED is an architectural suspended luminaire delivering high-quality and visually comfortable illumination. This classic luminaire is nLight® enabled and is available standard with an eldoLED® driver option for dual-dimming - independent dimming of the uplight and downlight. The Cerra 10 LED also has the option for Mainstream Dynamic Tunable White with nTune™ technology. This high-performance luminaire combines digital LED lighting, advanced dimming and integrated controls options for an ideal solution in education and commercial office applications.




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Q-Tran’s iQ20 linear LED is now available in a High Density RGB providing up to 224 lumens per foot of color changing ability. This color changing LED is an ideal light source for any interior architectural color changing application.


The tight pitch of the LED’s allows for a seamless, diode-free look in many of Q-Tran's compatible extrusions. 






Yosemite Series™ is one of the most versatile floodlights due to its quick disconnect BKSSL® modules that permit easy field changes between 23W and 34W options. Add its exclusive wall wash optic and Yosemite™ is nothing less than amazing!

Benefits of the new Yosemite Series™ Floodlight include:
  • Incorporating BKSSL® Power of 'X' Technology, this  23W or 34W integrated solid state source is available in 2.7K, 3K and 4K. A revolutionary advancement in chip on board (COB) light source design is optimized for efficiency and superior light density. Industry leading performance yields exact color point conformity. Dimming driver for use with 0-10V dimmers.
  • Offers up to 2700 delivered lumens with the wall wash distribution.
  • Standard dimming and Architectural Dimming options allowing for customized and versatile lighting scenes, as well as energy-saving benefits.
  • Choose from cutoff visor, cutoff snoot or adjustable barn doors to create optimal aperature control.
  • Patented 360HD™ Mounting System features a mechanical taper-lock, which allows a full 180° vertical adjustment without the use of serrated teeth, which inherently limit aiming. Biaxial source control additionally provides 360° horizontal rotation in addition to vertical adjustment. 'Aim-And-Lock' Technology allows precision adjustment without the redundant tightening and loosening of knuckle screw.
  • Patented Anti-Condensation Valve (ACV™) vacuum seals optical chamber and eliminates internal condensation.
  • Available in Copper-Free Aluminum and teamed with StarGuard® (our exclusive RoHS compliant, 15 stage chromate-free process prior to application of Class 'A' TGIC polyester powder coating), you can choose from eight standard, 20 premium, or nearly 200 RAL finishes!


Click here to explore ALL of BK Lighting's Products!




Modern LED Light in a Classic Luminaire

Outdoor lighting is naturally about creating a sense of security. But in Louis Poulsen's view, it's also about creating a pleasant atmosphere.
With the vision of creating an outdoor fixture that combines the best of LED technology with their lighting principles, LP created Capsule in cooperation with Henning Larsen.
LP Capsule provides efficient and direct light, without compromising aesthetic expression.

Explore LP Capsule Here





All new inset drums! Brownlee's 2326 and 2616 are available in four sizes with two diffuser options and plenty of lumen packages to choose from. The one-piece drum is constructed of a matte white acrylic outer shell with a flat, inset diffuser opening.

Standard Diffuser Options:
Woven Black (WBK): black fabric bonded to acrylic drum
White Acrylic (WA): matte white acrylic drum
Dimensions: 15", 19.25", 24", & 30"


2326 LED



2616 LED



New Sizes - 2600 Series
The 2600 High Performance Pendant Series is now available in 15" & 20" diameter options, making this series even more versatile and competitive for use in applications such as restaurants, multifamily/hotel units, reception counters, corridors and more.





Essilight by Contraste:

A partnership to light up your projects Essilight, from France, and Contraste, from Canada, join forces to bring high-specification lighting products to the North-American market. Both companies share a desire to provide lighting solutions that blends design, quality, performance, and reliability. Essilight by Contraste products are all made-to-measure specification-grade luminaires that meet the utmost demands of specifiers, designers, and architects.

Design would not be important without top of the line performance. Each luminaire is conceived to meet and exceed performance benchmarks currently offered in the market. Each luminaire is custom made of extruded aluminum and high-quality acrylic diffusers. Available in traditional shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles, and also available in custom shapes to match your needs.


contraste2 contraste3 contraste4







Unlimited choices of shapes

Unlimited choices of shapes Essilight by Contraste offers three standard shapes - round, square, and triangle - that can be customized. You can customize the color (we match RAL colors as well as RGB) of the product, the installation mode, the color light and color temperature, the shape and the direction of the light. Everything starts from a straight line to become the amazing lighting designs you have in mind.

Essilight by Contraste Inpiration Brochure

The Essilight brochure is now available online. Click the image to learn more!






Click on any image below to learn more!



Beluga, the Marc Sadler designed collection, has expanded and welcomes in the new Royal generation. Beluga Royal is larger in scale and uses precious metals to add metallic luster to the family. Beluga Royal features blown glass diffusers with mirror finish metallic finishing, resulting in your very own 'Escheresque' gazing balls. Beluga Royal's dynamic appearance will change throughout the day as it reflects its surroundings. These dynamic pendants will add luster and sheen to residential and commercial projects.

Key Specs:

  • Blown glass diffusers
  • Offered in three sizes: 8", 12" and 16" diameters
  • Always on-trend metallic/mirror finish
  • Gold, Titanium, Bronze metallic vacuum plated finishes
  • 120V, 3000K, >80CRI, COB LED
  • Dimmable - Triac
  • Black Nickle Finish


Metropole F42 is a new lighting system that has multiple purposes and can be a solution for many needs. The system is designed to create walls of light that can act as art installation, room dividers or backdrops, all while absorbing sound. As the name suggests, Metropole is inspired by skyscraper windows that liven up during the night as light seeps through the windows. The city noise and chaos are dampened by Metropole's natural materials - wood and fabric, which, by blending together in modular elements, divide the space while decorating it with light.

Key Specs:

  • Highly flexible and customizeable system
  • Beechwood framing and lighting components
  • Choice of 4 neutral fabrics: white, ivory, beige, light grey
  • Can be customized with roller shade or designer specified fabric
  • 3000K, 120V, >80 CRI,  0-10V dimmable LED source


Giunco F14 Collection, designed by Marc Sadler, used nature's rush as inspiration- groupings of tall grasses swaying in the breezes. The collection has simple yet graphic elements as part of the foundational design. Offered as LED ceiling lights and floor lamps for indoor and outdoor use with indirect light sources and flexible fiberglass stems. Fabbian is happy to introduce the new extension to the collection - burnished brass and copper path lights! Designed for outdoor use to illuminate paths, decorative landscapes and gardens. Giunco Brass and Copper can be integrated into the landscape plantings or stand out in open areas. Giunco Brass and Copper are designed to be use in select residential, hospitality and resort, and commercial applications.

Key Specs:

  • Copper stem, brass bell-shaped diffusers
  • 3000K, 2 or 3 x 3W 120°, 230LM, 80CRI, 700mA LED
  • Use with A55102 12W driver, 1 per fixture
  • Requires NEMA 4X enclosure
  • UL Listed Wet Location
  • Mounts with 2 ground stakes on fixture
  • Priced competitively




Introducing New Outdoor Pendants

Zume | Laterna | Sequence

Available in:

| Canopy or Catenary Mount |
| High and Low Outputs |
| 0-10V dimming to 1% |
| RGB available in Sequence |
| IP65 Rated |


Click image below to learn more



Click image below to learn more



Click image below to learn more



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The IES is presenting each month a live webinar with topics beneficial to IES Members and the others in the lighting community. We invite you to register now at ies.org/education. If you have any questions, please contact Tom Butters, Director of Education at, tbutters@ies.org.

Upcoming Free Webinars

Measuring Lighting in the Field

  • November 16th 12:00 PM EST
  • Did you know the IES has an “official” method to measure light? This webinar will show you a few of the adopted methods for correctly measuring lighting in the field. Participants to this webinar are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

RP-28 Lighting and the Visual Environment for Seniors and the Low Vision Population

  • December 14th 12:00 PM EST
  • RP-28-16 is intended to increase the designers’ understanding of age-related vision loss and the importance of their design decisions that could impact the safety and independence of this growing sector of the population. This webinar will provide a brief overview of some of the current research and design practices found in RP-28-16 that can help the aged and partially sighted maintain their quality of life. Participants to this webinar are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

The Smart City / IoT Update for the ANSI/IES Roadway Lighting Control System Standard (DG-28)

  • January 18th 12:00 PM EST
  • This webinar will examine the components and guidance resident in the current version of the standard. Additionally we'll discuss proposed subject areas for the next version of this exciting initiative. Participants to this webinar are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).







Minimalist design is the intersection of form and performance

Powered by low voltage conductive aircraft cables and available in 3-spoke and 4-spoke versions of Profile and Fold, Spoke is a discrete suspended LED pendant that utilizes Fluxwerx's unique Anidolic Extraction optics to deliver exceptional performance in a minimalist architectural design.

Profile Spoke

Click image below to learn more


Fold Spoke

Click image below to learn more





The F07 Lumi Series has been expanded - Welcome Sfera!



Sfera's timeless shape and range of sizes make it a great addition to the successful F07 Lumi Series. Offered in 6 sizes, ranging from 6" to 24" and two lamping choices LED or energy-efficient halogen. The largest Sfera, 24" diameter, is the largest hand-made blown glass globe available in the market. Sfera  is suitable for any private and public environment. Sfera, along with the rest of F07 Lumi Series, can be used in groupings to create visual impact.

The Fabbian F07 Lumi Series became an instant success throughout North America since its launch and will continue to grow with the addition of Sfera!

Key Specs:
Offered in 6 sizes - up to 24" diameters!
Series includes: Pendants, Wall/Ceiling, Table and Floor
Satin-finish white blown glass provides evenly diffused light
Energy efficient LED options
3000K, CRI >80
Dimmable LED - Triac




Click Here to Discover More!







Beta Calco is proud to announce the launch of the beautifully designed Cerchio Pendant. With its prominent profile, Cerchio is the aesthetic choice for projects requiring less demanding lumen packages. 

Cerchio is the ideal solution for specifiers seeking a luminaire that provides the scale and design impact to provide ambient lighting in an architectural space.

Available in five different sizes from 36" to 84" inches in diameter.


Click to view Cerchio Images and Specs



D-Series Visual Comfort - A Whole New Look for Area Lighting


The new D-Series Visual Comfort luminaires overcome the #1 objection to LED lighting at low mounting heights – discomfort glare. Be it in pedestrian walkway, high-end retail/office or college campus applications, these innovative luminaires deliver long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting that has the added exclusive benefit of visual comfort.

The DSX Visual Comfort luminaires integrate LED light-guide technology with recessed optics and a proprietary contrast transition zone to provide exceptional visual comfort. Leveraging the universally accepted D-Series shape, the Visual Comfort luminaires are available in two sizes (DSX0 & DSX1) delivering between 4,200 and 18,000 lumens.


Click here to watch D-Series Visual Comfort VIDEO

Click here to learn more about all NEW products from Acuity Brands!







Puzzle is all about the shapes and how you can create your own work of art with your lighting designs. Puzzle makes a statement as soon as you enter the room, with five shapes in various sizes which allow you flexibility in your design.

The Puzzle is based on the Micro Ring II profile, so it’s a slimmer profile than the Squiggle. View the Puzzle spec pages for all the details, the photometrics are available online.


Click to view PUZZLE Images & Specs






New Products from Brownlee Lighting

Brownlee's 2341 (flush mount) and 2601 (pendant) are an extension of the 2340 and 2600 series. These units feature a matte-white acrylic drum with a modern crossbar constructed of maple wood, which is offered in your choice of a clear coated Natural finish, a Walnut Stain finish, and a variety of Brownlee's standard painted finishes.

The 2341 is offered with a variety of options such as integral battery backup and bi-level dimming, while the 2601 features four different suspension methods to add appeal to any decor.

2341 LED

Available in: 15", 19.25", 24" & 30" diameter



2601 LED

Available in: 24" & 30" diameter




Click here to view ALL Brownlee's Products!






Introducing Q-Cap



Designed and Manufactured in the United States




Click here to learn more about Q-Cap!





Two new NJP finishes

Louis Poulsen is proud to introduce two new contemporary grey finishes to their popular NJP table lamp, designed by Nendo design studio of Japan and designer Oki Sato.

The light aluminum grey and dark aluminum grey finishes come in all three mounting options; base, clamp, and pin.



LP MINI Downlight & Pulsar Updates

To get a more efficient LED package and 90 CRI, Louis Poulsen has designed a new housing, frame, driver and LED for all of their iconic LP MINI Downlight Fixtures and the Pulsar.

Louis Poulsen has also added non-IC mounting type to the variants, so they are all fully compliant to City of Chicago Environment Air (CCEA) [Chicago Plenum] and Washington State Energy Code (WESC) standards.




Click here to explore ALL Louis Poulsen products!



Breaking New Ground



New: All-Terrain Lumenfacade Inground

Constructed from stainless steel with a protective black coating, the Lumenfacade Inground's new blockout rigid cage allows you to specify the luminaire for any terrain.

The fixture now has a walkover rating of 1100 lbs, without any external support, and a 2200 lbs walkover rating when the blockout is installed in concrete.



Lumenfacade Family Has it All

The Lumenfacade family's adaptability makes them a sure fit for custom, case-by-case designs. Each luminaire gives designers the tools to tackle all aspects of any project. Whether it's cornices or columns, window arches or textured concrete, the Lumenfacade is capable of delivering a design vision into reality.



For Every Occasion



Going the Distance



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Beghelli Launches the STRIPLED

Beghelli is proud to launch the STRIPLED which is the ideal linear LED solution for budget conscious installations or replacement of linear fluorescent luminaires such as T8 and T5HO; which are typically used in warehouses, aisle lighting, service corridors, office, garages, retail and other commercial environments. STRIPLED is IP44 and DLC qualified for utility rebates.

The STRIPLED meets the challenging maintenance and performance requirements in commercial and industrial environments, through a superior combination of efficacy and lumen performance.

The STRIPLED offers both 4ft and 8ft configurations, with multiple mounting options.



  • SLLED 4ft MO from 3597 up to 4047 lm
  • SLLED 8ft HO from 8463 up to 8913 lm
  • Durable steel construction with corrosion resistant white powder coat finish
  • Polycarbonate lens reduces glare and provides even light distribution
  • Standard with keyhole slots and openings for surface and chain mounting
  • Maximum 10 fixtures can be installed end to end
  • 0-10V dimming is standard
  • IP44 rated for damp environments
  • DLC listed


Click here to learn more about Beghelli's STRIPLED






Introducing PLEATZ

The pleated look is back!  OCL is launching a series of pleated forms that combine a familiar aesthetic with superior efficiency.  Pleatz features a one-piece acrylic diffuser with pleated sides and a concave bottom.  Unlike fabric pleats, the OCL Pleatz can be easily cleaned, keeps bugs out and provides visual comfort—at all viewing angles. And with a high-efficiency internal diffuser, the integral LED system distributes smooth gradients across the pleats while delivering over 100 lumens per watt.

The first Pleatz measures 14" across and 14" tall. It is available in both pendant and ceiling-mount versions.  OCL plans to introduce other pleated forms in 18” and 24” diameters.

Click either of the images below for specification sheets, IES files, BIM files, DWG files and configurator.


Pleatz Pendant



Pleatz Ceiling



Click here to learn more about ALL of OCL's products!




Expanded C70 Series now includes Cable-mounted Cylinders




Range of Scales and Proportions:

Cylinder heights from 17.4" to 29"




5 Standard Finishes:



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New Lenses from Q-Tran | Polar and Silk


In an effort to continuously improve their product offering, Q-Tran has designed 2 new lenses to help minimize LED light loss and eliminate traditional color shift associated with installed flexible LED’s in a lensed aluminum extrusion. The new Polar (PR) and Silk (SK) Lenses are available for immediate shipment, are UV stabilized and fit the SQUR, LATO, FLUR & VEVE Extrusions. See chart below for specifications of color shift and light loss.


SK & PR side by side in a SQUR Extrusion with iQ20 5.0 w/ft Flexible LED Tape Light.



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SALIOT adjustability, smaller package


The industry has been abuzz about the wireless motorized SALIOT: Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet of Things. Released last year, the SALIOT (MS-V2) earned a LightFair International Innovation Award, and admiration from museums, galleries, event spaces, car showrooms, and many more.
Now the SALIOT family expands with the new MS-V4 track luminaire, which packs many of the same innovations into a small, sleek body.

One finger adjustments
Using only the iPhone or Android app, control the SALIOT MS-V4's internal motor and LED module to wirelessly pan 360°, tilt 0° to 90°, and dim to 1%. Through the app, you may also group up to 100 SALIOTs together, program their settings, and save the 'scene' for future use.

One hand adjustments
Using just one hand, turn the face of the SALIOT MS-V4 to zoom 30° to 10°. This one-handed adjustment makes focusing easy, safe, and fast.

SALIOT MS-V4 delivers up to 95 CRI and up to 1623 lumens. SALIOT is only available in North America through Edison Price Lighting, for mounting on Edison Price's SightLine Track Systems.



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Six new PH-lamp variants

Louis Poulsen expands the PH glass lamp range with new metal frames. The industrial look of the dark metalized surface offers a bold, understated look.
The mouth-blown white opal glass shades soften the look of the lamp and illuminate its surroundings with a perfect, harmonious and glare-free light.
Poul Henningsen’s partnership with Louis Poulsen began back in 1924. PH’s pioneering ideas in the field of lighting theory and the origin of how we still design to shape light can directly be traced back to his views on the duality of design and light.
The PH glass family will be expanded in total with seven new chrome and black metalized designs.

Explore the new PH family members


Illuminate your landscape with quality bollards

Bollards are an important staple in a landscape, but their size makes them more susceptible to external damage. This is why our bollard lighting designs consider both aesthetics and durability.
The elegant and popular Flindt now comes with an internal mount, allowing a more seamless integration with its surroundings. It is also available in a shorter version. The classic Bysted has been upgraded with LED, so it lasts even longer.
Read more about the use of bollards in both architectural and natural landscapes.

Explore Illuminated Landscapes





Visa Lighting has released their first OLED pendants and other new products available this Summer.

Read below to learn more!



Petal OLED
  • OLED source, (3000K, 4000K)
  • Uniform panel luminance, 3 panels in each fixture
  • OLED panels dim together with 0-10V dimming
  • OLED panels can be individually addressable with DMX or DALI dimming options
  • Uplight and downlight configurations
  • Low voltage 24VDC input
  • Mounts to suspended or solid ceiling
  • 16 powder coat paints
  • 3 year warranty




Limit OLED Features:

  • OLED source (3000, 4000K)
  • Uniform panel luminance, 3 panels in each fixture
  • OLED panels dim together with 0-10V dimming
  • OLED panels can be individually addressable with DMX or DALI dimming options
  • Low voltage 24VDC input
  • Mounts to suspended or solid ceiling
  • 16 powder coat paints
  • 3-year warranty




Cosmo - Available Summer 2017

Introducing a new 34" diameter ambient LED pendant. 

Light and airy with a futuristic flare, the Cosmo LED pendant is a blend between twenty-first century and mid-century modern. Cosmo is offered in both high and low LED outputs and suspended form a low voltage power cable. The lower ring, canopy, and cord retainer can be finished with any of our 16 standard paint finishes, or our exclusive, eco-friendly alternative metal finishes.




Outdoor Pendants - Available Summer 2017

  • Zume
  • Laterna
  • Sequence

Visa Lighting is very excited to extend their successful outdoor lighting collection to include the longstanding reliability of pendant design for which Visa Lighting is known. These three unique fixture families inspire creativity and spark imagination. Each of these fixtures generates its own feeling, and interacts with light and space in a different way. With extensive catenary options or cable and cord mounting choices, the creative possibilities are expanded even further.






Beta Calco introduces their latest product, the Micro SQ II.

Available in: White LED Direct, White LED Direct/Indirect, White LED Direct, Static Color Indirect, and Static Color Direct/Indirect

Color Temperature Options: 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K

Size Options: 24", 35", 46", 62", and 73"








Discover Astro Lighting's Joel Pendants

A collection of sylish pendant lights to add a contemporary touch to any room.

Create a striking look by grouping together these pendants in odd numbers.

Available in a range of finishes including Black, Cream and Polished Chrome.

Click any of the images below to learn more!

Joel Pendant 270

  • Dimensions: H:14.49" | Dia: 10.63"
  • Available in multiple finishes: Black, Cream, Polished Chrome
  • Quickship
  • Dimmable


Joel Pendant 170

  • Dimensions: H:11.81" | Dia: 6.77"
  • Available in multiple finishes: Black, Cream, Polished Chrome
  • Dimmable





More about Astro's Joel Pendants and Joel Family Here





Eureka has over 25 exciting New Products to offer!

Radar, Empress, and Fleet are a few of the many new products from Eureka. Be sure to check out the link below to explore ALL of their new products!


Radar is designed with an imposing softly curved and brightly illuminated cupola that acts as a reflector and channels light downwards. A trendy and practical solution for high ceilings or for defining a lower illuminated space.



Formal purity and luxurious with its imposing size, it brings a gentle diffused indirect light and quiet sophistication to your interior space and is ADA compliant.



Fleet broadens the possibilities of our powerful Dial projector with a modern and distinctive package. This luminaire is available in two formats: small (2 projectors) or large (3 projectors).




USAI is proud to offer the new Beveled Micro Series 

The Beveled Micro Series is offered in 2,4,6,8 and 12 cell sizes with light outputs ranging from 500 to 3000 delivered lumens! The family includes downlight, adjustable, and wall wash options, and comes in a variety of finishes including white, black, rose gold, bronze and multiple specular finishes.  

With multiple beam spreads, remote and integral drivers, and trimmed/trimless housings, the Beveled Micro is sure to meet the needs of any project. 


Click here to view Beveled MICRO brochure!



Brownlee Product Launch - LED Vanity Series


This specification-grade vanity collection features slim, minimalist designs which can be mounted horizontally over a mirror or vertically as a sconce. Diffuser is constructed of stout, matte-white acrylic and is offered in both round and square extrusion styles with three sizes to choose from. Housing and end caps are standard in Brushed Nickel with optional finishes available. All models are 120-277V and include 0-10V dimming as standard.


5172 LED


25/37/49"l x 3"w x 4.5"d



5174 LED


25/37/49"l x 3"w x 4.5"d



5178 LED


24/36/48"l x 3"w x 4"d (ADA)



Click Here to View All Brownlee Products


Selux Proudly Presents the M60 LED Wet Location

Selux M60 LED Wet Location is a durable luminaire for lighting designers and architects who are looking for a fixture that can withstand the unfavorable elements in the environment, while maintaining its high performance and continuous lines of light.

M60 LED has the flexibility of the M-Series LED line with mounting solutions for every design need – pendant, recessed, wall, and surface. Selux is able to bring together comfortable, efficient lighting with water resistant, wet location luminaires. For use indoor or outdoor, wet location luminaires are designed for areas such as restrooms, washrooms, locker rooms, outdoor parking garages, or covered overhangs.

Minimal Disruption
M60 LED Wet Location provides substantial flexibility to meet your lighting needs, including customizable lengths, and several mounting options. Designers can create engaging lighting layouts with a continuous line of light and minimal disruption. The fixture is designed so that the ends and sealed joints between runs are illuminated with diffused light --uncommon in other wet location luminaires.

M60 LED Wet Location Web Page





Illuminate your outdoor gathering spaces with Aura pendants. 

The Aura LED pendant luminaire is designed for suspension on catenary tension cables and ceiling mounting.  Aura is made to withstand outdoor, wet environments and indoor installations.

  • IP67 rated luminaire
  • Smooth, dot free illumination
  • Dimmable exterior IP65 rated remote transformer
  • Direct and direct/indirect illumination options
  • Catenary cable and ceiling mount suspension options

Aura is now available in linear, square and round shapes. Click the image below to see all the amazing options Aura by Structura has to offer!






Interprise Design and Androvett Legal Media and Marketing partnered in creating an innovative office design as they relocate to their new office space in Uptown Dallas.
ALA Manufacturers represented in the new office space include:
  • Pathway Lighting | Coventry Architectural Series LED downlights (flanged & flangeless LED static and adjustable downlights)
  • Gotham | EVO LED Cylinders
  • Beta Calco | Squiggle Pendant (Direct / Indirect pendant)
  • Finelite | HP4R (flangeless 4' linear recessed fixtures)
  • Q-Tran | LED tape light (coves, millwork, and under cabinet)
  • Acuity | Controls and Sensors




Meteor Lighting is extremely excited to officially announce the launching of their highly anticipated “SOLAR BIKE RACK”! All the downloads (Spec sheet, IES data, and Installation Guide) related to the fixture are now available on their website.


Solar Bike Rack Features:

  • 3/8” Stainless Steel
  • Weather-proof Coating
  • Smart Motion Sensor
  • Illuminates FIVE Nights (with Full Charge)



Dallas Virtual Showroom Tour is Now Live



LBL has posted the 2017 version of their Virtual Showroom Tour online. Powered by the same technology as Google Street View, this interactive tool allows you to "walk through" their new Dallas Market Showroom.

Things you can do in the tour:
  • Zoom in and zoom out to get a better view of a product or collection
  • Look up at the ceiling
  • Rotate 360 degrees throughout the tour
  • As you get close to a product, click on the "Learn More" button, prompted by your cursor, to explore the product in more detail:
    • Romance copy
    • Key features
    • Direct link to the product page


Use this tour to:
  • Train team members who weren't able to attend "Lightovation" in Dallas
  • Get a sense of the true scale of products
  • Get merchandising ideas
  • Show end consumers how a product might look in their home

The tour is accessible from the link above or from our website home page, as well as from the top navigation under "Inspiration".




Ketra values the relationships we have with the lighting and design industry and work to make your preferences a priority in all aspects of product design and services. As a member of the lighting and design community our highest priority is to make the specification of Ketra in your projects easy.  We have improved the layout and content to better support specification of Ketra by adding resources, increased functionality and improved usability to get the information you need for our product offerings.


Take a look at some of the new features
  • IES files for lamps and luminaire products
  • Easy-to-find resources and product information
  • Download all resources for each product easily and all at once
  • Showcases lighting designers and architects in related projects and featured news
  • System page: Deep dive into the Ketra system
  • Mobile friendly
  • First look at new products
  • Extensive look at the new D3 downlight family that includes:
    • Sorter: Choose your aperture size,trim style, shape, function
    • Accessories
    • Technical resources
  • About page includes:
    • Who we are
    • What people are saying
    • In the news
    • Awards & alliances

Ketra continuously learns from you and we truly value your feedback. Look out for more products updates from Ketra.

Be sure to check out Ketra's Website to learn more!



90 years - 3 designers - 3 designs
For Louis Poulsen 2017 is in many ways a unique year. It is the year where we celebrate the 90th year anniversary of Poul Henningsen’s PH 3/2 Table Lamp, the 60th anniversary of Arne Jacobsen’s AJ lamp and the launch of the Above lamp.
To pay a tribute to the PH 3/2 Lamp and AJ Lamp new editions have been launched this spring.
Arne Jacobsen
Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) was one of Denmark’s most famous and acknowledged modernist architects and designers. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1927 and ventured into various design fields, such as light fixtures, furniture, cutlery, fabrics, and wallpaper patterns.
His break-through as a furniture designer came in 1952 with ‘The Ant’ for Fritz Hansen and was succeeded with ‘Series 7’ in 1955.
Together with the AJ Lamp, two of his most famous chairs, ‘The Egg’ and ‘The Swan’, were designed for his SAS Royal Hotel in 1957.
He was remarkably productive and created more than 300 works encompassing all genres of design.
Poul Henningsen
PH (1894-1967) was born in Copenhagen, son of the famous Danish authoress Agnes Henningsen. He studied six years at the technical schools in Copenhagen, but never completed a degree in architecture.
PH originally practised traditional architecture, in the functionalistic style that was beginning to prevail. Over the years he began to focus primarily on designing lamps and practising journalism with his radical opinions.
PH’s lifelong partnership with Louis Poulsen began back in 1924 with the Paris lamp, which won the first prize at the World Exhibition in Paris. The PH 3/2 Table Lamp was designed in 1927, and is still a part of the Louis Poulsen PH Lamp assortment.
Mads Odgård
Mads Odgård (b. 1960) is a well-established Danish designer. He graduated from the School of Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and Art Center Europe, Switzerland.
Since 1988, the Mads Odgård Design Studio has focused on product design with a mission to improve what already exists and most importantly to give the user spontaneous delight. More than anything, he believes that excellent design must be logical and functional if it is to endure. Odgård believes that design can be successful only when comfort, technology, ergonomics, ecology, economics and aesthetics are in balance.
Mads Odgård has previously designed professional lamps for Louis Poulsen such as the LP Icon and MO500. The Above Lamp is the first lamp Odgård have designed that both suit the professional and private market. The Above Lamp embodies Odgård’s mantra: How simple do you dare to design?



Perimeter System
JAKE LED Perimeter is a 3” deep regressed or flush lens style recessed linear luminaire comprised of various apertures, LED light sources and accessory options. Several T-grid styles for drop ceilings are available such as; Tegular, Exposed lay-in, Interlude® and Slot Grid.
JAKE LED 1.65”, 2.25”, 3.25” and 5.00” can also be installed in gypsum ceilings or walls with either a ¾” Trim (TR) or Trimless (TL) mud-over flange. JAKE LED Wall Graze is also available in a 4.00" profile, flush or 3" regress style for mounting in either Trim/Trimless or T-grid applications. 
JAKE LED Light Engines and dimmable driver components which combined together provide optimal LED lighting system capabilities.
Birchwood Lighting specification information: 
- Trim/Trimless 
- T-Grid
Wall Graze 
- Trim/Trimless
- T-Grid


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