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AccuLite™ RTS Series, round, tapered-steel area lighting poles are available in multiple heights ranging from 20- to 50-feet and can accommodate up to 4 luminaires. The one-piece, welded pole shafts are supplied in 11-gauge or 7-gauge thicknesses with minimum yield strength of 55,000 PSI and conform to ASTM A595 Grade A. They are round in cross section with a uniform taper of 0.14-inches per foot of length. Available in bronze, white, or black; offered with a full range of tenon mounting brackets. Round tapered-steel poles accommodate up to 4 luminaires and are available in heights from 20- to 50-feet Pole shafts feature one-piece construction with a full-length, longitudinal, high-frequency electric resistance weld Hand hole is located 18-inches above the base and features welded reinforcing rim; furnished with attachment bar, cover, and screws Electrical grounding is provided by a 1/2-inch – 13 UNC hex head bolt and nut; nut holder is located near the hand hole Fabricated base plate is constructed of structural-quality, hot-rolled carbon steel plate; circumferentially welded base plate telescopes the pole shaft Nut covers are die-cast zinc and are fastened to the shaft by 1/4-inch self-tapping screws Anchor bolts are fabricated from carbon steel bar and have an L bend on 1 end; galvanized a minimum of 12-inches on threaded end 4 anchor bolts are furnished per pole and each bolt is provided with 2 hex nuts and 2 flat washers

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Dallas Phone: 214.658.9000
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