Regional Sales Manager Visits

ALA encourages and welcomes Regional Sales Managers to visit our location in Dallas. These trips present a terrific opportunity to familiarize yourself with our operations and to educate our staff about the ins and outs of your latest products. During your visit at ALA, you will be able to present to our Outside Sales Team, make sales calls, and get to know the company’s leadership.
Often, when booking trips to visit ALA, Regional Sales Managers will spend the day with several of our Outside Sales Representatives. However, if you would prefer to book a single specifier or project specific trip, we can easily accommodate such requests.
We book up very quickly and do our best to limit the number of manufacturers in town at any given time to allow as much access to clients as possible;  therefore, please schedule your visit 3-6 months in advance. Contact Vice President of Sales Travis Watson at your earliest convenience to get on the calendar. You can reach him by email at

Suggested Itinerary

Monday: Travel Day and Presentation to Outside Sales
Plan to travel to Dallas Monday morning. You have the option of presenting during our Outside Sales Meeting which begins on Monday afternoons at 3:45 pm. A conference room will be made available for your use prior to and after the meeting if required. Please keep your presentation time from 30 to 45 minutes.
Tuesday-Wednesday: Sales Calls

The next two days of your visit will be spent making sales calls with members of our Outside Sales Team. A maximum of 5 sales calls can be accommodated per day due to travel requirements in the Dallas Metroplex area. Keep in mind that getting into top accounts can be difficult and often requires months of planning. Many of our clients only allow a single Lunch & Learn per week and competition for those slots are fierce amongst the trades, sometimes up to year in advance required. Contact our VP of Sales with specific requests and he will coordinate with you and the respective Specification Sales Team Member.

Thursday: Travel Day
Visiting Regional Sales Managers often return home Thursday after a great week with ALA. Let us know if you plan on spending any extra time in Dallas; we’re more than happy to provide you with recommendations about some of the exciting things our city has to offer!

A Few Things to Keep in Mind…

  1. Help Us Help You: Let us know in advance how we can best prepare for your visit. Inform us of any specific requests you have regarding product samples or literature, or if you’d like to make use of a company projector or computer in your presentation. Please send product information and presentations you wish to share with clients, as this helps tremendously with securing sales calls. All information should be sent at least 4 weeks in advance.
  2. Logistics: Please plan on making your own arrangements for a rental car and hotel during your stay in Dallas. If you don’t have a smart phone, we recommend you rent or bring along a GPS navigation system. There are several hotel offerings near ALA’s offices; contact our receptionist at 214-658-9000 for further information.
  3. Plan Ahead: Many of our clients only allow a single Lunch & Learn per week and competition for those slots are fierce amongst the trades, sometimes up to year in advance. Booking early is the best way to combat these constraints. Again, contact our VP of Sales with specific requests and he will coordinate with you and the Outside Sales Team Member.
  4. Lunch and Learns: ALA's policy is to split the cost of these meals 50-50 between the agency and manufacturer. Please notify us how you would prefer receipts for reimbursements to be handled. 
  5. Know Your Contacts: Remember to schedule all visits through Travis Watson ( rather than through your salesperson, which will help avoid any scheduling conflicts or errors. Give Travis as much information as possible and plenty of advance notice.
  6. ALA Knows Dallas: With over 65 years of operation in Dallas, ALA knows its city! Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations for restaurants, accommodations, rentals, or the best routes to avoid traffic. We’re here to help. 

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