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ALA was founded by Daniel M. Galvin and his wife, Ella, in 1945 as the Galvin Sales Company. Dedicated to hard work and aesthetically illuminating Dallas’ skyline, Daniel and his wife were among the first lighting manufacturer's representatives in the state of Texas. What began as a two-person operation quickly grew after their son, Dan Galvin, took over following his father’s retirement in 1960. The company acquired a larger office space, more personnel, and adopted its current name, Architectural Lighting Associates.

Several of Dan's children, inspired by their father's work and dedicated to furthering his legacy, joined him at ALA. Mike began in 1980, Sue in 1983, and Bill in 1985. Tim and Dave joined the company in the mid-90s. After 47 years of work at ALA, Dan retired in 2003, and Bill assumed his father's role as the company's president.

Today, ALA continues to grow, but always maintains its tradition of honesty, hard work, and top-quality presentation. After seven decades and three generations, the Galvin family has proved itself to be one of the lighting industry’s leading manufacturer's representatives.


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Dallas Phone: 214.658.9000
Dallas Fax: 214.658.9002

Dallas Phone: 214.658.9000
Dallas Fax: 214.658.9002

Lubbock: 806-796-1322
Lubbock Fax: 806-796-1323

Shreveport: 318-674-2713
Shrev. Fax: 318-674-2741

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